Data Infrastructure

The foundation for data insights is established with clean and organized information. We know how to create the proper infrastructure to support data-driven decision making. Øptimus will identify and categorize available data sources according to business goals. We then create bespoke data storage and categorization inside of our internal data warehouse, inside of your data warehouse, or if needed we can create specialized external infrastructure to support any unique need. We are experienced in aggregating data from FTP/SFTP, Amazon AWS S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and all flavors of SQL engines and data warehouses including Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Data Lake.   

Some examples of the custom data solutions we have created:

  • Transform and standardize data from SFTP (tab-delimited data)
  • Amazon AWS RDS Postgres
  • Amazon AWS S3 (comma-delimited data) into a standardized Postgres data warehouse
  • Aggregate data from many website forms to a centralized Amazon AWS RDS Postgres cluster 
  • Analyze hundreds of Oracle databases inside of customer data warehouse
  • Aggregate actionable data to external files for direct marketing