Media Monitoring

We have deep experience monitoring broadcast and cable media for specific mentions, but our killer value addition is that we monitor against the audiences you care about. From Presidential Campaigns to commercial crisis monitoring, we have the tools to understand how specific brands, people, keywords, and phrases are being discussed throughout the entire United States. We can lay these mentions on top of individuals and their TV watching history to understand who saw what and when, and analyze the impact of these mentions on their support or disapproval of the items being tracked. We build the audiences that matter using first-party data and then monitor what these exact people are seeing and how it affects the campaign at hand.



  • Present background information on target audiences
    • Fact book with visual data analysis by audience variables
    • Map target audiences by various geographies:
      • State
      • County
      • Media DMA’s
      • Media cable softzones
    • Model reports
  • Present measured results on target audiences:
    • Survey results – overall and by audience segment
    • Earned and paid media analysis
    • Live election results for political campaigns
  • Queryx tool that allows clients to query audience data and download results
  • Mapping tool to allow downloading of audience data and map diagrams by audience segment