Message Execution

I was able to tell my donors that when they gave my campaign a dollar, my guys could get $1.40 of effect.
- U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

We target individuals across all channels. Predicting who will be responsive to your issue or product is the first step, figuring out what message they will respond to is the second, and getting that message to them in an efficient and effective manner is the final step. Utilizing target audience metadata, our proprietary Optimizex platform allows for rapid and efficient placement of optimized ad content across digital, TV, and direct mail campaigns. Optimizex ensures that you’re reaching more people for less by stretching every dollar you spend far and wide.



  • Create cross-media advertising campaigns for TV and digital
    • Budget
    • Campaign Dates
    • Geography
    • Target Audiences
    • Channels
  • Import and manage market availability data
    • TV: Audience viewership and market pricing
    • Digital: Audience CPI and reach frequency
  • Generate optimized campaigns for cost per impression, reach, and frequency
  • Execute campaigns
    • TV: Deliver buy sheets to stations
    • Digital: Create and execute cross-device campaigns in Demand-Side Platforms (The Trade Desk, RocketFuel, Google DoubleClick) 
  • Track and report campaign results against goals