Aaron Duke Ph.D.

Director of Data Science
and Predictive Analytics

Aaron Duke, as Director of Data Science & Predictive Analytics at Øptimus, leads a talented team of quants, engineers, and statisticians in generating key data-driven insights and answering our clients’ most pressing questions.

Aaron has two PhDs, one in Social and Experimental Psychology from the University of Grenoble, and another in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kentucky. He also completed a Doctoral Fellowship at Yale in Community and Consulting Psychology. Aaron is a skilled researcher and has co-published 15 peer-reviewed studies, which have been cited by other researchers more than 200 times.

Aaron has been with Øptimus since early 2014, and says that his favorite part about working in the data science field is the diversity of tools, methodologies, and skill sets that come into play while trying to leverage the hidden insights of data. Aaron is an avid coder, “Pythonista,” “randomista,” and advocate for all things Bayesian. He led the development of Øptimus’ in-house voter file management and modeling platform, and looks forward to continue helping Øptimus be the most innovative company possible. He is originally from the Seattle area.

by Aaron Duke Ph.D.