Adam Ahmed

Junior Data Science Engineer

Adam is currently a Junior Data Science Engineer at Øptimus. He works on the Data Science team and helps build our ETL pipeline. Adam joined Øptimus in December of 2016.

While in college, Adam began working as a tax accountant to compliment his studies in economics and business. Interest in derivatives trading eventually led him to take time off to trade during the 07-09’ banking crisis. After thousands of trades he was able to save approx. $117.83 and moved to Los Angeles where he helped operate a group of small businesses.

Although he enjoyed California a great deal, in time he moved back to Baltimore to be closer to family and return to school, eventually steering his focus on data science programming and Python. When he’s not data engineering, he’s likely enjoying time with friends and family, reading, watching old films, or spending some time exploring one of the regions many parks.

by Adam Ahmed