Brian Stobie


Brian is a partner at 0ptimus where he works to build out new Øptimus products and service existing clients. Brian co-founded Øptimus to truly harness data-science (not just use it as a buzzword) to make advertising dollars more efficient and effective.

Brian has experience ranging from Bain & Company to issue non-profits to startups. The main thread through all his experiences is taking raw data and using analytics and data science to drive superior decision making. He has pioneered useful applications of data science to build solutions in the political, advertising, advocacy, content, and finance market-spaces.

Brian graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He seeks out twisty roads without patrolmen to drive on weekends, stays connected to his alma-mater through his involvement on the Longhorn Engineering Advisory Delegation and football games, and throws arguably the best Christmas party in DC.

by Brian Stobie