Chris Green

Director of Operations and DevOps

Chris Green is the Director of Operations and DevOps at Øptimus. For 15 years, Chris has worked in technology and development as both an infrastructure/systems engineer and as a project/product manager. He is an Internet technology specialist in public affairs, political data and analytics, and health care technology. Most recently, Chris helped launch Modus Health, a Washington, D.C. startup focused on improving patient outcomes through measurement.

Chris previously served as director of technology for the Application Developers Alliance, a Washington, D.C., trade association for software developers, and The David All Group, a Washington-based PR firm. In both positions, Chris oversaw the building and scaling of tech properties including websites, apps, social plug-ins, software-as-a-service products and large tech projects.

Chris is a native of Columbus, Ohio where he served as manager of network engineering at Innova Partners, a software development company. He worked to build and scale digital platforms in support of medical insurance software-as-a-service products before relocating to Washington, D.C.

by Chris Green