Virgie Garzon

Office Manager

Virgie joined Øptimus as Office Manager in October 2018, instantly bestowing upon us her love for organization, cleanliness, and staff-satisfaction. Between always making sure the Keurig is full of water and stocking the fridge with Coke-Zero, Red Bull and Surge to bringing in chair yoga and massages to improve office moods, Virgie is always looking for our companies best interests.

Before Øptimus, Virgie worked in the non-profit sector in program and facilities management and in Public Service as a Correctional Officer, Truant Officer, and Correctional Counselor. So, you could say she runs a tight ship!

In her spare time, Virgie can be found strolling the streets of Old Town looking for rare Pokemon, cuddling her cats Elvis and Jerry Lee and teaching her pet turtle Crush to come when called, cruising the high seas and snorkeling with her boyfriend, and whipping up a grilled cheese bar for the office’s enjoyment!

by Virgie Garzon