Virgie Garzon

HR and Facilities Manager

Virgie joined Øptimus in October 2018, instantly bestowing upon us her love for organization, facility cleanliness, and staff-satisfaction. Before Øptimus, Virgie worked in the non-profit sector in program and facilities management and in Public Service as a Correctional Officer, Truant Officer, and Correctional Counselor. She runs a tight ship using a lot of common sense and Southern sass.

Virgie keeps us fed on days we forget to eat when deadlines are tight, wrangles interns, manages our HR needs and keeps our building and spirits afloat. Its not uncommon to walk into work and find a custom grilled cheese bar or a day of chair massages and yoga. Virgie puts the needs of Øptimus and it’s employees first and foremost every day.

In her spare time, Virgie loves to hunt down rare Pokemon, brags way too much about her kids and grandkids and is forever planning her next snorkeling trip.

by Virgie Garzon