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Disrupting politics as usual with big data, better messaging, and smarter execution

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About Øptimus

Before there was Øptimus, our team worked in Fortune 500 companies, national political campaigns, and global non-profits. In each instance, one thing tied us all together – a desire to make better decisions using the data that is all around us.

With a dedication to efficiency, scalability, and quality solutions, the future looks brighter…and smarter.

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Who We’ve Worked With

Our clients
Rethinking the Rules of Thumb

By analyzing millions of voters’ viewing habits Øptimus has begun rewriting the rules of thumb for buying and placing television ads.

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To Knock Or Not To Knock

With limited time and resources, when might door knocking be the wrong move for a campaign?

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Field Experiments in Voter Contact

Øptimus can measure every aspect of a campaign, specifically voter contact at a small scale before major investment is made.

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