Right Person.
Right Message.
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Øptimus Analytics is a data science and technology company singularly focused on transforming data-driven insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and people-based audiences for activation at scale.

Activate Research

Convert proprietary, first party research and insight from survey panels, online communities, loyalty programs, customer databases and continuous research into bespoke, first party people-based audiences for activation at scale.

First Party

Create demand, drive conversion and achieve high-impact engagement in the experience economy with the precision, personalization and relevance that bespoke, activation-ready, first party, people-based audiences deliver.

More Impact,
Less Cost

Drive more impact on key business outcomes with first party audience ownership for less cost delivered with full model performance transparency — always know how a model performs, who’s in an audience and why.

Activate Research
First Party
More Impact,
Less Cost

Since our founding in 2013, Øptimus has been at the forefront of innovation developing connected data approaches to leveraging market research and insight, data science, predictive analytics and proprietary software platform solutions to identify the right people and the right messages to drive brand growth.

Increase Insights ROI with Activation: 

Transform custom research and insight into robust predictive models, detailed audience infographics, rich audience insights and bespoke activation-ready people-based audiences within a single integrated platform.

Drive Business Outcomes Cost Effectively:

Increase consumer spending, maximize marketing efficiency and ROI, optimize product launches, reduce acquisition costs and engage creative, media and marketing colleagues with bespoke first party people-based audiences that are activation-ready for any addressable media, marketing or CRM platform.

Accuracy | Speed | Efficiency | Transparency:

Leverage first party audiences built by our data scientists with our proprietary connected data predictive modeling engine and SaaS-based delivery platform using open-source modeling packages for optimal accuracy, speed, efficiency and transparency.

Partner with Our Experts:

At Øptimus Analytics, our expert technologists, researchers, data scientists and business strategists are committed to providing personalized, consultative, agile client service — always, every day.

Enterprise-grade Privacy & Security:

Øptimus Analytics is GDPR-compliant and CCPA-ready, maintains robust PII management protocols, subscribes to the IAB TechLab Data Transparency Standards and is EU-US Privacy Shield Certified and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certified.

Increase ROI of
Activate Consumer
Optimize Product
Acquisition Costs
Drive Enterprise

Create demand and drive conversion by transforming brand preference, perception, motivation, feedback, purchase driver insight and more into first party audiences for activation at scale.

Convert discrete segments of strategically important consumers into scaled, activation-ready first party people-based audiences.

Support new product launches with bespoke Precision Audiences to drive loyalty, and custom Targeted Reach Audiences to drive trial.

Differentiate target consumers from non-target consumers; divest spending on Non-Target Populations and invest spending on Best Prospect Audiences.

Engage creative, media and marketing colleagues and inspire more impactful creative briefs, facilitate more effective media campaigns and enable more effective marketing investment with richly profiled, activation-ready people-based audiences.

At Øptimus, we transform first party data, research and insight from survey panels, online communities, loyalty programs, customer databases and continuous research into first party people-based audiences that our clients own 100% and active whenever, wherever, as often as desired for a one-time investment.

Identify the right people and the right message to drive brand growth.

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