Public Sector

Since our founding in 2013, Øptimus Analytics has applied its core data science analytics and software development expertise to measuring, analyzing and predicting the behaviors of individuals for Public Sector clients. Our Public Sector suite of solutions include Polling and Surveys, Custom Modeling and Election Forecasting.

Polling and Surveys

At Øptimus, we have completed thousands of Public Sector surveys at the nationwide, state, congressional district, and state legislative, city, and county levels. Public Sector clients use Øptimus surveys for one-time checks on public opinion and ballot tests, recurring tracking and individual person-level modeling.  Øptimus polls and surveys address a variety of needs for our Public Sector clients, including image, issues and ballot tests, message testing, and political view assessments.  At Øptimus, we are mode-agnostic, and can execute surveys using live calls, landlines and cells, IVR, Text-to-Web, or online panels.

Custom Modeling

At Øptimus, we transform our custom polling and survey insights into bespoke audiences for political persuasion and fundraising.  To produce our high-accuracy turnout models, we combine industry best practices with unique-to-Øptimus custom enhancements to capture the highly fluid and rapidly changing dynamics of the election environment.  Using our proprietary voter file, enhanced with custom features of our own design, the Øptimus data science team produces turnout modeling of superior accuracy for electorates of any size or election type.

Election Forecasting

The Øptimus data science team has extensive expertise building election forecasting models for U.S. federal and state elections.  Øptimus has featured a public U.S. election forecasting model since 2018, as a bellwether assessment of the U.S. political landscape.  Public Sector clients commission bespoke, or private, versions of Øptimus election forecasting models in combination with custom polling to quantify political risks to the interests of their organizations.

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