Leading Nonprofit Improves CPA by 84%, Conversion by 54%

The Challenge

Increase high-value membership leads, generate immediate donation conversion and sustained engagement with a three-month digital and email advertising campaign.

The Solution

Øptimus executed custom survey research to identify, model, score and activate a bespoke audience of the most persuadable, highest probability people for conversion.

The Results

Month-over-month decreased acquisition costs, increased donation conversion and sustained engagement led the organization to appoint Øptimus its AOR.


A national non-profit organization wanted to increase membership, donations and engagement with a multi-channel, three-month targeted media and marketing campaign.

The organization approached Øptimus Analytics to develop a bespoke people-based solution to identify the most persuadable, highest probability individuals to target for the digital media and email marketing campaign.


To help the organization, Øptimus designed and fielded a custom survey to identify discriminating characteristics of the population most likely to become high-quality, sustained member donors.

Starting with the resulting sample of 5,000 respondents, Øptimus leveraged its proprietary connected data platform to match positive survey respondents to Øptimus’ first party National Consumer Data file, appending 500 data points per individual respondent, and to run 6 bespoke modeling algorithms simultaneously to identify which model would yield the best results.

Øptimus selected the best performing model for predicting which individuals represent the most persuadable, highest probability target audience for the campaign as the production model. Øptimus used the Kolmogorov-Smirinov test to calculate a probability score (the “KS Score”) for each of 247 million U.S. adults. These scores were used to identify two bespoke audiences – Precision Audience and Targeted Reach Audience.

Øptimus onboarded the organization’s bespoke audience of 75.2 million individuals for digital activation via LiveRamp and Facebook Custom Audiences, and likewise provided the audience to the client’s email marketing agency for the email activation portion of the campaign.

The Results:

Over the three-month campaign period, the bespoke Øptimus audience decreased cost per member acquisition by 84%. In addition, donation rates among the bespoke Øptimus audience were 54% higher than the donation rates of an affinity audience that was also deployed for the campaign. Furthermore, the bespoke Øptimus audience remained more strongly engaged with the organization over time, with a sustained donation rate that was 73% higher than the affinity audience six months post the conclusion of the campaign.